Subject Name: Leading the Society                         Code: MLI204

    Aim: The students will learn to navigate social realities in larger and local contexts.

    At the end of the course, the students will
    • Uphold and promote unity in diversity among religions, cultures, and ethnic communities.
    • Promote quality of life through equity and poverty alleviation
    • Promote and uphold social justice, nation building, social inclusion, ecological stewardship, peace building and restoration of human rights
    • Develop strategic thinking and direction setting
    • Acquire dynamic and integrative understanding of leadership
    UNIT I
    Religious context of Myanmar, Exposure to multi cultural contexts, theory of pluralism, ethnography and ethnicity, complexities, conflicts, and resolve, ASEAN, Ethnic minorities and indigenous people, restitution and preservation of ethnic rights,
    Index of QOL, UN declarations, UNDP, Millennium Development goals (MDGs), sustainable development goals (SDGs), Economic development, multisectorial/multipronged approaches, (immersions).
    Various political systems, political history, issues of social justice, inclusive society, Economic system, Environmental concerns (Laudato si), structural change, study of political movements, social transformation, peace building,
    Strategic planning, SWOC analysis, SPACE matrix, Systems theory, PESTLE analysis, ethics, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)/Participatory Action Research(PAR) techniques, direction setting
    UNIT V
    Theories of leadership, models and types of leadership, qualities, Myanmar contextual, exemplary leadership, process of integration, transformative leadership, empowering leadership.