Subject Name: Leading the Institution                         Code: MLI203

    Aim: The students will learn the managerial, entrepreneurial and organizational skills in the larger context.

    At the end of the course, the students will
    • Learn human resource management
    • Understand and navigate the organizational development, politics and systems.
    • Learn the corporate laws, rights and duties of the employees in organizations and the use of ICT and social media
    • Learn the project cycle management
    • Be involved in Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability
    UNIT I
    MBO – management by objectives, planning, decision making, problem solving, organizing, quality control, TQM – total quality management, supply chain management, Human Resource Management (selction recruitment, training and development, retention, salary packages, increment, compensation packages, performance appraisal, procedures of termination)
    Understanding of sub systems and major systems, organizational behaviour, consumer relations, client satisfaction, organization development, change management, organogram,
    Social legislations, work ethics, standards and procedures of employment, living wages, constitutional provisions of employees, labour unions and associations, industrial relations, business ethics, use of ICT and social media
    Project cycle management – hands on experience (Financial management, procurement and utilization, budgeting, auditing, deployment of resources, people management, marketing, stakeholder relations and analysis, operational management.
    UNIT V
    Corporate social responsibility and sustainability, proposal writing and submission of proposals, shared value approach, ethical standards of CSR.