Subject Name: Leading others                         Code: MLI 202

    Aim: At the end of the course, the students will learn better interpersonal and relationship skills and task management.

    At the end of the course, they will
    1. Learn interpersonal, communicative, facilitating and mentoring skills
    2. Build and sustain team work
    3. Resolve conflicts and problems
    4. Learn skills in networking and collaboration.
    5. Learn basic skills in social research
    UNIT I
    Theories of communication, interpersonal relationships, group dynamics and facilitation, active listening – SOLER method, peer counseling, GROW model,
    Theories of group, group process, stages of group development, process observation, group dynamics, types of groups, team roles, collective leadership, task management, group cohesiveness, principle of subsidiarity
    Types of Conflict, sources of conflict, ethnic and sociological conflicts, conflict management, personal styles and responses to conflicts, coping mechanisms, conflict resolution, problem solving tools, critical and creative thinking, Transactional analysis,
    Theories of networking, lobbying, principles of negotiation, crowd sourcing, use of social media tools for networking, ethical use of social media, personal space and security, interactive patterns of communication, building data base.
    UNIT V
    Ethical principles of research, types of research, preparation of tools, collection of data, data analysis and interpretation, statistics, use of SPSS.