1. EXPERIENCE A GREAT WORLD: God gives me a great garden of delight. Let me not hesitate to sample the menu. But how to make choices? Who could guide me? How can I step out of my comfort zone? Help me to reach out to different people, culture, music, sports, literature and science. God is everywhere waiting to be found.

    2. REFLECT on my experiences. “The unexamined life is not worth living,” Socrates has so articulated.  WHAT happened today? WHAT lifted me up? WHAT pressed me down? HOW did I get through this experience? Even if I get lost, what gives me new resilience? HOW is it possible that what I thought would make me happy or disappointed me? WHO opened my eyes? WHY did I have this experience? Is it not wonderful that I am changing?

    3. DECIDE to ACT: Many people don’t know what to do with their experiences. What can I do? Can I keep a journal of what is happening? Is there anyone else out there who does not know what to do? How can I express to another person what is happening to me? Could my new experience give someone else freedom? Could I show him or her how big the world is? Could my experience change a part of the world for good?