• Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI) Kamayut - Yangon

    Our third quarter resumed on 13 January 2020 and we welcomed seventeen students who enrolled in both the Full Time and Part Time Diploma Programme.
    On 20 January 2020,staff, former and current students of MLI welcomed Grace and Brendan O’Brien, benefactors of the Myanmar Jesuit Mission from Melbourne Australia. We had a lively sharing and discussion enriched by Brendan and Grace’s rich experience in a multi-cultural setting of Australia. The couple also visited various mission units in Yangon, Taunggyi and Mytkyina.
    Myanmar Jesuit Mission accounting staff from MLI, Campion, YLCC, ARC and SAG attended a professional development training course at MLI from 20 – 24 January. The full week session on Accountancy and Quick Book was facilitated by MsDusaneePromtan and Team from Co-Pilots Companyin aninteresting and encouraging way which proved to have reached its goal in upgrading participants’ understanding and skill in accountancy.
    From 24 January- 1 February, we welcomed Marcial “Mars” Balgos PhD, Visiting Professor from the Ateneo de Manila University. With his broad skill and expertise in Leading Organizational Change and Human Resource Management, Professor Marcial led the students in the exploration and understanding of the significant aspects of Leading the Institutions which is the focus discussion of the third quarter.
    On 25 January, MLI Core staff had a general meeting about MLI matters. We relooked at the process and implementation of the MLI’s first graduation, the updates of the current Diploma and Online Peace Leadership Programs, and also discussed the planning and execution of MLI futureengagements. We adjourned our first general staff meeting in 2020 with a festive luncheon together in honor of the Chinese New Year.

    Prof Marcial from Ateneo de Manila University with some current students of MLI

    Visit of Grace and Brendan O’Brien, MJM benefactors from Melbourne

    Accountancy and Quick Book Training Session with MsDusaneePromton and Team