Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI) was established under the patronage of Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, MLI complies with the Myanmar Investment Law (2016), and the notifications issued by the Myanmar Investment Commission, the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) and the National Education Law (2014).
The logo derives from the combination of the sunbursts of the Jesuit IHS monogram and the eight spoked wheel symbolising the eightfold path of the Dharmachakra.The crest beams are red. The gold spokes of the wheel also represent eight pillars of Catholic Social Teaching: Human Dignity, the common good, solidarity, subsidiarity, rights and responsibilities, stewardship of creation, the dignity of labour and the rights of workers, and also the option for the poor. The spokes of the wheel also represent the eightfold path of the Dharmachakra: right thought, right understanding, right speech, right conduct, right means of making a living, right mental attitude, right mindfulness and right concentration.

MLI is at the centre of the wheel. This symbolises the search for knowledge and enlightenment that are the fundamental tenets of the education imparted in this institute. This logo challenges the students to live up to MLI’s motto: LEARN TO LEAD - LEAD TO SERVE.