Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI) Kamayut - Yangon

    The intense torrential rains and some flooded streets in Yangon do not seem to deter the MLI community from comingtocontinue the teaching, learning and office-related engagements. In fact, the rain in Yangon’s tropical climateis not so bad afterall, it brings some necessary cool wind and fresh air along! We arestrongly encouraged by the objectivesinour quarter four’s learning focus which is to upholdunity in diversity among religions, cultures, and ethnic communities, to promote quality of life through equity, promotion of social justice, poverty alleviation, social inclusion, peace building and restoration of human rights.

    The safeguarding working groupwhich includes FrIrsan SJ,MsGillian and SrSisca FCJ have regular meetings and with the guidance of Fr Mark SJ, we putin place our MLISafeguarding Policy and Manual, Policy Statement, Self - Disclosure and Safeguarding Acceptance Forms. It is imperative that the protection and safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is an area of priority not only for MLI but also forall units within Myanmar Jesuit Mission.We hope the safeguarding policy we currently develop, is fitting with the requirements of safeguarding policy within the Xavier Network Standard Policy. We welcomed fourteen applicants for the entrance test on 14and 19 August and twelve students have attended the Graduate Diploma Program.Thetenapplicants for the online Peace Leader Course have done their initial requirement to submit their motivational essays and soon they will need to sit for the Linguaskilltest in conjunction with Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL).

    Room201in the second floor has been in operation and well used for our second classroom. Our Partner Asia’s colleague and the MAGIS grouphadalso their meetings and conducted training sessionsthere whichenable MLI to become more widely known.On 22 August, our full-time students had a special program as part of English for Leadership lesson, they watched and discussed 'Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.' Ms Gillian facilitated the session and Mr Stefano prepared delicious homemade pasta which we all enjoyed and appreciated.

    From 23– 24 August, Fr M S Jacob SJ attended the meeting of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in Asia Pacific (AJCU – AP) at SogangUniversity, South Korea. There were altogether thirty participants from twenty-one institutions in Asia Pacific region. It focused on our Universal Apostolic Preferences in our education apostolate and Fr Tony Moreno SJ, President of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific kickstarted the meeting for a deeper discussion. Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI) has now found a place in AJCU - AP and is ready to collaborate on the projects with Service-Learning Programs (SLP) and Global Leadership Programs (GLP) across Jesuit institutions of higher learning in East Asia Pacific which would provide ample opportunities to our MLI students to get involved. The visit to South Korea was also a chance to meet and reconnect with Korean Jesuit friends especially FrsSimon Yi and Lorenzo who were members of Myanmar Jesuit Mission.

    As the quarter four’s learning focus requires us to develop strategic thinking and direction setting, wehope that the dynamic and integrative understanding of leadershipintowhich we have been immersed, enables us to navigate ourselves in our journey towards leading society in larger context.