Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI), Kamayut Township Yangon

The lives and ministry continue here at MLI though we need to do things differently amid uncertainties due to COVID-19 pandemic. The official reopening of MLI is further postponed until further notice from the government. However, it is hoped that the staff will return to MLI office by June and the students resume classes by mid-July. Meanwhile, the staff engage in the process of writing articles for the MLI journal; the morning and evening students continue to study from home;integrate their learning on the Leadership Development and writetheir reflections. They are also encouraged to complete the project proposal writing and research as it is a prerequisite subject for theaward of diploma with ADMU. Sr Rosemary, MLI student wrote her experience completing her research project during the lockdown:
During the lockdown, I have had to continue to do my research and I aimed to interviewfifty respondents. First, I thought it was impossible to go to differentreligious congregations in Yangon and get the data and information for my research. Because of the covid-19 pandemic, people are not allowed to go out. So, I have decided to interview people on the phone, messenger, viber and through email. I have no idea how to do. Because, I don’t have all the contact numbers of the religious congregations and I felt that I made people busy. When I shared about my research to them, some friends encouraged me that I can finish the research while the others doubted that I can interview all the fifty respondents. However, I kept doing my task and when I interviewed a respondent, she gladly helped me to answer all the questions and even introduce me to her friends.Some I had to try third or fourth times even I didn’t get any response from my respondents. So, I tried to find other people for the interview. Finally, it all went well,and I really thank that all the religious priests, sisters and brothers who helpedcomplete the interview. So, during the lockdown, I was busywith this research and have made a lot of friends. I really thank all of them for giving me precious time and help. I did not spent time all day for my interview. I was also able give more time to God during this month. We only go to market once a week to buy food and attend the Mass online.
On 21 and 23 May, Dr Mark gave a two-day session on Competency-Based English Language Teaching (CB ELT)in the "New Normal” of the Covid-19 context. The sessions took place Campion Language Institute, Yangon and fully attended by all teachers of the institute. They were invited to learn new skills, to reflect and respond to the current situation withcreativity and flexibility. He describes the sessions as “very gratifying” that all teachers fully participated and did the required tasks enthusiastically.
There has been an ongoing discussionwith the Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) on the possibility opening new online programssuch as Liberal Arts and Education Tools Coursefor Teachers. This is a great opportunity for students and teaching staff across Myanmar Jesuit Mission to develop skills to learn and teach online classes. The Peace Leader Course Certificate Program is set for September this year and enrolments are now open.