• NEWSLETTER - March'19

    Intercultural Encounters at MLI

    On 18 March 2019, we had a mini cultural diversity day where studentsand staff shared aspects of their respective cultures.This was the culmination of the previously learnt units on Peace and Conflict, Active Listening and an introduction to Italian culture with enthusiastic teacher, Mr Stefano.We are reminded that accepting cultural differences is the first step to better understanding and embracing diversity.

    Mini Cultural Diversity Day at MLI

    On 22March 2019, Fr Dani Villanueva SJ, Director of Entreculturas and Fe y Alegria Spain, Ms Helen Forde and MsSiobhan Jordan from Jesuit Mission Australia (JMA) were on a visit to MLI accompanied by Fr Mark Raper SJ. There was a friendly and open forum, where we shared about who we are, our hopes andpossibilities of future engagement together. The encounter was even more complete when MLI students invited us all to dance Thingyan depicting the joy in people’s hearts during the Water Festival.

    Visit of Fr Dani Villanueva SJ (Spain), Ms Siobhan Jordan and Ms Helen Forde
    (Jesuit Mission Australia)