• NEWSLETTER - June'19

    Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI), Kamayut Township Yangon
    We resumed our third quarter on 29 April 2019 andthese words by Wolfgang Van Goethe describe the dynamic of MLI in the beginning of this quarter: “Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest.”We hadindeed both joy and beauty inwelcoming our current students, eight teachers from PSIE who attended a full month Certificate Program in Leadership,ourfriends and visitorswho have come to MLI and shared their vision, hopes, talents and expertise withus. From 29 April - 3 May, Fr Augustine Thomas, SJ who currently studies PhD in the Ateneo de Manila, Philippines,gave a full week session on Organization Development and Leadership. Fr Peter Baleis SJ, Executive President of Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) and Mr Thomas Wolf visited MLI on 3 and 4 May. Theyshared with us the important andtransformative work of JWL in buildinga more peaceful, humane world through quality education.DrGladston Xavier from Loyola College, Chennai, conducted a workshop on Communication and Team Building on 8 and 9 May. Participants comprising the staff and students of MLI, Jesuit Scholastics and somestaff of YLCC, Thingangyun and Canisius enjoyed the reflective, collaborative and fun-filled sessions together.

    We thanked Fr Mark Raper, SJ who amidst his hectic schedule, willingly and generously shared his rich experiences in leadership with the students attending the Certificate Program on 7 and 10 of May. Mr Joe Decker from Parami Leadership Institute (PLI) visited MLI and talked to the students on 13 May. We saw the possibility of future engagement together by organizing some joint students’ activities between MLI students andthat of PLI. On 29 May, we welcomed Fr Jan Stuyt SJ, Socius of the Jesuit Superior of the Independent Region of the European Low Countries. Fr Jan had class conversations withour current students and joined us for delicious Myanmar style lunch at MLI. Following the productive and meaningful workshop on Human Rights last year, Dr Annemarie Devereux from Australia renewed her visit to MLI to conduct a workshop on Human Rightsfrom on 30 May. Dr Annemarie continued teaching thistopic for a few days to our regular students. On 30 May, marked the completion of MLI’s first Certificate Program. Fr Mark Raper SJ handed over the Certificates of Merit to the eight teachers of PSIE who have completed a full month Program in Leadership and Professional Development.

    The focus of teaching and learning in the third quarteris leading the organization which requires the ability in leading self andothers as its foundationand these skills were completed in the previous two quarters. It is our hope that the beauty we have experienced through the teaching, learning and encounters with students as well as with various visitors at MLImay continue to be nurtured and developed for the universal good.

    Fr Augustine Thomas SJ taught students of the Certificate Program

    Fr Peter Baleis SJ from Jesuit Worldwide Learning with John and Maria, JWL students

    Dr Gladstone Xavier and participants of Communication and Team Building workshop

    PSIE Teachers completed their Certificate Program in Leadership and Professional Development at MLI