Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI) Kamayut - Yangon

    The first graduation ceremony of the Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI) was indeed ajoy and realization of the long - cherished dream. This memorableoccasiontook place at the Sule Shangri-La Hotel, Yangon on 20 December 2019 and was attended by over a hundred of invitees.Cardinal Charles Maung Boand Father Jose M. Cruz, Vice President for University and Global Relation, Ateneo de Manila University presented the Diploma and Awards to the seventeen accomplished graduates. The first graduation ceremony was a fruit of great team work and it is very appropriate torenew our thanks to the followingpersons:Fr Mark Raper and the governing council members for theirsupport, valuable and wise counsel to MLI; the MLI executive director, Fr Joseph Anthony Jacob for his vision and tireless leadership; the faculty members and staff at MLI: Fr Irsan Rimawal, Dr Mark Labuntog, Sr Margaret Maung, Ms. Thi Thi Thein, Mrs. Gillian Donoghue and Mr. Stefano, Ms Margaret Sut Ja Noi, U Michael Suak Do Lian for their energy, expertise, encouragement, and dedication to our MLI community.We are grateful tothe staff and visiting faculty from the Ateneo de Manila University: Dr Edna Franco, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Josephine Perez, Ms. Miel Reyes and Ms. Joy Teng – Calleja and all the visiting professors from Australia, China and India for sharing their wisdom and expertise. We thank the individual and institutional partners and collaborators who have given a tremendous support to the development of MLI. We thank Ma Rosa for sharing her culinary skill and making our lunchtime at MLI something to look forward and to enjoy. We also thank the staff at the Myanmar Jesuit Mission: Ms. Mun Pi and Ms. Susan Maung and the current batch of MLI students for their assistance during the graduation ceremony. Finally, we thank all the graduates who have trusted MLI for their place to “learn to lead and lead to serve.” We thank them for their commitment, energy and willingness to continue the leadership journey the have already begun. The following words of Cardinal to the graduates serve as encouragement for us as we continue our leadership journey: “…as you step out into the world, do listen to each other, especially to the poor, listen to women, listen to children and the young. The world is yours. It belongs to you. Make it a finer world where all can live in harmony. For this to happen Myanmar needs leaders who search for and speak the truth, who face up to the justice that truth demands, who live out that justice in their lives and who seek reconcile those who are estranged. Be ready to form and nourish community. Live with compassion for all and the courage to give of yourself with integrity.”