Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI), After a period of Christmas and New Year break, faculties, staff and students resumed quarter 2 on January 14th, 2019. Six new students did the entrance tests and are accepted as part of MLIstudents’ body. After immersing, in great length on the topics of leading self, students have now started to expand their skills in leading others. They have the opportunities to learn and practice interpersonal and communicative skills, managerial tasks, mentoring skills, facilitating andteam work. They also practice the skill of networking, collaboration as well asresearch. Students get the benefits from the additional input on ‘’English for Leadership’’ this quarter where they can improve their language and communication skills. Ms Gill Donoghue has joined our team and guided students through English and cross - cultural conversations.

    Current Part Time and Full Time students of MLI

    In the midst of lesson planning, teaching and learning related tasks, we were delighted to have some recent visitors: Marla Putchard from Partners Asia,FrTrung NguyenSJ from the Mission Office Australia, DrHughHerzig a consultant psychiatrist from UK. They had some lively and meaningful interactions with faculty and students pertaining their respective expertise.

    Dr Hugh Herzig andFrTrung Nguyen’s visits

    We had a meeting with students who have been studying online with the Jesuit Worldwide Learning this month, John SengNaw and Maria ZunPwintOo. It is encouraging to hearhow much benefit they gain from this course and their vision in sharing what they learnt with others. They are among several others students at SAG in Taunggy who currently study with JWL. Maria and John are happy to share their experiences of study with JWL to their networking groups as to promote JWL online courses to the young people in Myanmar.Below the brief sharing of Maria and John.
    Hi, My name is John SengNaw. I am 24 years old and student of JWL (Jesuit Worldwide Learning) online studies. I have been learning with JWL for three years and my specialized subject is Social Studies. I work part-time in a Non-Government Organization and one of my hobbies is dancing. I work to support my family and to solve my financial problem. The online Studies with JWL I am now taking have been very helpful for my future especially in developing my social skill and knowledge. I grow into a more mature and meaningful human being.
    My biggest inspiration is to use my education to inspire the young people, especially who suffer from the civil war in our country. Many young people in my hometown Pharkant (which literally means Jade Land) are on drugs. They don’t seem like having goal and vision for their future. I wish to share my knowledge and skills with young people. This can be a small contribution to Myanmar.
    JWL online course is the solution for those wanting to study and yet you need to work at the same time. You can do your study in your free time. Face the Challenge and I am sure it makes you a different person. This course is enriching because the students come from different countries, cultural backgrounds and apply various methods of learning. We are enriched through theonline studies.
    Hi everyone. This is MariaZunPwintOo and I am in the third year of the online program with JWL (Jesuit Worldwide Learning) and I’m still enjoying it. My specialization is Business and I’m taking Marketing and Entrepreneurship courses at the moment. This Online Program is amazing and challenging as you can communicate and share ideas with other students from different countries. One of the challenges is that students study while they work, so they need good discipline. I am working from Monday to Friday and this program encourages me to improve my intelligence, knowledge and time management skill.
    Education is essential to everyone and since it is life-long learning, I encourage everyone to take this program where you can improve as a person and develop critical thinking. With this program, you will enjoy experiencing different ways of learning as well as having the opportunity to contribute to the community where you live.

    Maria and John - current students of the Jesuit worldwide Learning (JWL)