Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI) Kamayut Township, Yangon

    The initial visitof the staff from the Global Education and DiscoveryFacultyof Sophia University,Japan, Dr TheresaWonkyung and Dr Ami Eguchiin July last year,has come to its fruition with their subsequent cultural and educational visit with the five Japanese students: Mayo Kanzo, Soichiro Hashimoto, Ayami Kaji and Mamoko Kawamoto. The Japanese students' off shore cultural and educational engagements between MLI and Sophia University were displayed in their lively discussions and collaborative learningduring their visit to MLI on 10 February.The group was also on a tour visit to various Myanmar historical, cultural and educational settings.

    The Peace Leader on-line program has now reached the stage of integration.Afterbeing exposedin training to various learnings and discussions essential as peace leader, the students are now diving into conflict coaching, conflict resolutions, self-care and forming an integrative peace leader disposition. They completed the fourth practicum on the leader shadowing and sensing journey during which students were engaged in the process of group observation and analysis.
    On 8-9 February,Fr Irsan and I attended the Safeguarding workshop at the Catholic Religious Conference of Myanmar (CRCM). The workshop which was intended for the Safeguarding officers from various institutions and religious communities deepened our understanding on the recently released safeguarding guidelines of the CRCM and provided introductory inputs on the new child law,the psychological aspects of abuse andthe Popes’ documents on the currentsafeguarding issues.

    Fr M S Jacob attended the international conference on Education organized by the Australian Myanmar Institute - AMI on 27 and 28 January 2020 in the University of Mandalay. He was one of the speakers on the topic of Education - the Place for Non-state Providers - during the first plenary session. It was a very good networking experience for all educational providers.

    From Mandalay, Fr Jacob continued to conduct a week long workshop (30 hours) on Introduction to Social Work to 65 students of SAG College at Taunggyi from 2-6 February 2020. The students were highly receptive and fully involved in the process of learning social work theories through various activities. It was highly impressiveto witness the students who were able to display their multi social, cultural and contextual realities through their presentations in animproved creative and critical way.

    On 20 – 22 February, healso attended the Education Consortium organized by AJCU - AP in Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. It was a productive meeting on how to understand the education scenario and systems and the need to listen to the younger generations as part of the teaching-learning process.