Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI), Kamayut Township Yangon

MLI community warmly welcomes Yaw Han Sut Mai Tu JaLagang, coordinator of the Myanmar Network of Community Colleges(MNCC). Yaw Han commenced his new role as coordinator a few weeks ago and gradually adapted to the rhythm and challenges of the work. Realizing all start is difficult, Yaw Han can rely on the guidance of Fr Jacob, director and the support of MLI communityin carrying out his role.
Yaw Han grew up with his three elder brothers, an elder sister and two younger brothers in the land of jade, Kachin State. He learnt to appreciate differences, hard work and the importance of education. With the encouragement of his parents, Yaw Han pursued his education in Yangon and is completing his Diploma in Leadership and Development at MLI. “Education is the key to a good and meaningful life”, his late mother used to remindhim, and he feels it is now the time to make his life worthwhileby sharing what he has learnt in servingothers. All the best for your new role, Yaw Han!

End of Quarter 4 - Online Classes with CORD-Ateneo De Manila University

On 22 August, we came to the end of our fourth quarter course. The whole process was a time of adventurous yet encouraging learning as we deepened our understanding of Leadership, as well as explored and experimented with online learning. The quarter was strategized in six streams where students were exposed to different learning materials and project activities. Students have learnt about conducting systematic analysis of larger contexts using different frameworks and models, examining the influence of mental models on behaviour within organizations and communities. They also explored various ways to broaden inclusion and respect diversity; employed critical thinking and found ways of managing complexities. As with many studies, the greatest challenge is to apply learnt tools and theories toparticular contextssuch as creating informed recommendations of students’ research. We deeply thank the CORD team: Dr Edna Franco, Josephine P. Perez, Ph.D, Amanda Angeles, Kwen Isidro and Jessica Dee who crafted the course in such an informative and meaningfulway. The ongoing pandemic is an adaptive challenge for each one of us. Recalling some useful points fromHeifetz, R., Grashow, A., Linsky, M. (2009) on how to carry out adaptive work, here is some advice: 1). Get on the ‘balcony’for an overall view; 2). Identify your adaptive challenge; 3). Regulate distress; 4). Maintain disciplined action; 5). Give the work back to people; 6). Protect leadership voices from below.