Peace Leader Professional Certificate Course

The Peace Leader Certificate is a six-month online introduction to the role and practices of a Peace Leader, integrating best practices from peace studies and leadership studies. Students will examine and practice personal and communal skills and values that are fundamental in nurturing a ‘culture of peace’. The course is designed around three core themes : Self-awareness and Cultural awareness; Conflict resolution and reconciliation; Servant-leadership

Each theme is presented with theory and applied exercises designed to enhance the student’s awareness, skill, and familiarity with methods and practices for Peace Leader development. The programme culminates with a final project in which students apply Peace Leader principles and practices to address a collective concern within a community

Course Outcomes

  • Assess and identify the cultural context of a conflict
  • Articulate the values of a Peace Leader
  • Develop skills for self-awareness, mediation and conflict resolutions
  • Evaluate issues in conflicts and determine possible resolutions
  • Use conflict analysis tools and identity resources needed
  • Provide guidance and strategic planning in conflict Course Delivery

Course Delivery

  • Classroom-based and online, covering
  • Introduction to Peace Leaders in Training
  • Self-care and conflict resolution
  • You as a Peace Leader in Training
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