Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, SDB.
Archbishop of Yangon

Cardinal’s Message

Our country has a crying need for good leaders. I have long waited for Myanmar Leadership Institute to begin to form leaders who will help to shape a principled, honourable Myanmar society. We cannot lose more time in preparing ethical, discerning leaders whose decisions are based on sound principles and values. Whether in business, government, education, health care, religious associations or civil society, reliable leaders will rebuild Myanmar after our decades of isolation and darkness.

Myanmar Leadership Institute, founded by the help of the Jesuits and with full backing of the Archdiocese of Yangon, is open to all in Myanmar, especially to young aspiring and emerging leaders. You young people, our potential leaders,are the ones who will make a difference to the lives of all, rich and poor, the privileged and those who have been excluded. Myanmar cannot go forward unless the rights and needs of all are recognised. Myanmar needs leaders with vision, leaders who understand that a just society will be a prosperous society, that a happy society is one in which the common good of all is recognised.

MLI promises to make a big difference in the lives of its students, in the respective fields which MLI’s graduates will enter, but also will make Myanmar once again itself a leader in ASEAN, making the best uses our distinctive wealth of human cultures and natural resources. Myanmar leaders will once again take their place on the world stage in business and in humanitarian affairs.
Myanmar Leadership Institute has my full blessing and assurance of support.